ALIF: DHCP Option 125 Application

Please find below a download link for a Windows 32-bit .NET Framework 4,0 application for generating DHCP Option 125.

Download: Adder Option 125 v1.01.zip

Disclaimer: This software is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a purpose.


  • Download and unzip the Adder Option 125.exe file.
  • Run the Adder Option 125.exe.

Infinity Option125 Application1

  • Enter an IP address, for example the IP address of the Primary AIM Manager. It is important to list the IP addresses in their order of priority, for example Primary, Backup, Satellite etc.

Infinity Option125 Application2

  • Press the green plus button to add the IP Address.

Infinity Option125 Application3

  • The IP address is added to the IP Addresses list. Continue to add all the AIM Managers on the system. You can use the blue arrows to change the priority of the IP addresses in the list.

Infinity Option125 Application4

  • The Option 125 hex code is automatically generated when IP addresses are either added or removed from the list.
  • To copy the hex code to your clipboard, click on the Copy icon.

Infinity Option125 Application5

Button Functionality

Button Description
Infinity Option125 Application Buttons Add Adds an IP Address to the list.
Infinity Option125 Application Buttons Remove Removes an IP address from the list.
Infinity Option125 Application Buttons MoveUp Moves Up the selected IP address(s).
Infinity Option125 Application Buttons MoveDown Moves Down the selected IP address(s).
Infinity Option125 Application Buttons Copy Copies the generated Option 125 into your Windows clipboard.

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