ALIF: Configuring OSD Channel Hotkeys


There are a number of ways in which you can make channel changes on the AdderLink Infinity digital matrix, including raising and selecting a channel from the OSD (On-Screen Display). using the AIM Managers web interface and API. It is also possible to configure and use hotkeys to switch the channel or activate a preset by assigning a hotkey number. For example, to switch to a channel that has been assigned hotkey 1, you would hold down the CTRL and ALT keys (default) and then press 1. This allows you to switch much faster than raising the OSD and then choosing the channel from the list.

HotKey Extension

From AIM v4.11, the hotkey numbers have been extended from 0-9 to 0-99. There are two sets of channel/preset hotkeys available, each with their own hotkey combination. Standard hotkey numbers are 0-9 and Extended Hotkeys are 0-99. The way in which they are invoked is subtly different, however, numbers 0 to 9 can be used with either method:-

  • Standard Hotkeys 0-9: When you hold down CTRL+ALT (default) and then press the hotkey channel number, this will immediately switch to the channel.
  • Extended Hotkeys 0-99: When you hold down, for example, CTRL+Shift and then press the hotkey channel number(s), e.g. 99, the channel change only occurs when you release the CTRL and Shift keys.

The subtle difference in behavour is to ensure backwards compatibility.

Changing the Hotkey Combination

You manage the hotkey combination from the AIM Managers web interface.

  • Log into the AIM's web interface as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Receivers.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys

  • The dropdown lists define the two hotkeys that must be pressed and held to invoke either the standard shortcut hotkeys or the extended hotkeys. The hotkey combination can not be the same for both the standard and extended hotkeys.
  • To commit any changes to the hotkey settings, press the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Setting the Channel/Preset Hotkeys

The hotkeys are stored against the logged-in user's profile, this means that each user can define their own hotkey numbers they want to use for each Channel or Preset.

  • On a Receiver, raise and log into the OSD using with the user that you wish to configure.
  • In front of an unassigned Channel or Preset, you will see a Star icon.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys2

  • Click on the Star icon for the Channel or Preset that you wish to set a hotkey number, in this example. Windows 10.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys3

  • You will be presented with a page where you choose which hotkey number slot you want to associate with the Channel or Preset. At the bottom, you will see that you can view pages 1 to 10 for allocating up to 99 hotkeys.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys4

  • To select a hotkey number, simply click on the EMPTY link or on the Save icon on the right.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys5

  • You need to choose the Connection Mode, whether it should be View-Only, Shared, Exclusive or Private.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys6

  • In this example I'm going to press Shared.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys7

  • The hotkey is now set. You should now see that the Star has been replaced by hotkey number instead. So the Windows 10 channel is set to hotkey 1.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys8

  • To test the hotkey, simply connect to a different channel to the one that you have assigned the hotkey and then instead of raising the OSD. press CTRL+ALT and the channels/presets hotkey number. In this example, CTRL+ALT+1

Deleting the Channel/Preset Hotkeys

  • You can delete the assigned hotkeys by either clicking on the hotkey number on the OSD or one of the unassigned Star icons.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys9

  • Locate the hotkey that you wish to remove and then click on the X to delete the hotkey assignment.

    ALIFAIM Hotkeys10

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