What is the difference between the ALIF4001 and ALIF4021?

Both the products are identical with the exception that the ALIF4021 has 2x copper and 2x SFP ports, and the ALIF4001 has two SFP ports.

What can I achieve with multi-rate SFP support?

Support for multi-rate SFP's was added in firmware version 3. The table below describes the ALIF4000 usage at different network speeds.

Number of HeadsSingle-headSingle-headDual-headDual-head
Max.Video Resolution5120x28805120x28805120x28805120x2880
Video SuitabilityTypically computing screens and desktop applicationSingle screen video content and desktop applicationsFullscreen, but less demanding, moving video content on both video interfacesFullscreen moving video content/demanding applications running on both video interfaces
Typical ApplicationDesktop or SCADA userSingle screen video editing using a small window in the GUIVideo editing across both screensIntensive video-content creation/editing
Multi-rate Extension Distance (Copper)100m100m100m30m/90ft
1Dual-multigigabit or 1GbE ports can be teamed together for enhanced resiliency or improved video capability.


Which USB to Serial Adapters can I use?

The ALIF4000 has been tested with the Lindy PL2303RA (Chipset PL2303RA) and StarTech ICUSB2321F (Chipset FTDI - FT232RL). The USB to Serial adapter can be connected to any of the USB ports from 2 to 5 on the ALIF4021 receiver. Between the ALIF4021 transmitter and host, use a DB-9 pin null modem such as our part number CAB-9F/9F-NULL-MODEM.

What version of DisplayPort supported?

The ALIF4000's support DisplayPort version 1.2 with additional support for HDR10.

ALIF4001 Only

Can I use 1Gb SFP's?

Yes, the ALIF4001 does support 1Gb Copper or Fibre SFP Modules.

ALIF4021 Only

Can I use 1Gb SFP's?

Yes, from firmware v5.05 onwards, the ALIF4021 supports 1Gb Copper or Fibre SFP Modules.

Can I use both the Copper and SFP network ports simultaneously?

From firmware v3 and above, the copper network ports are now active. However, you can only use the copper or the SFP ports. The ALIF4021 will detect which ports are active on boot. If you wish to use the copper ports, make sure that you do not have an SFP module inserted, if even the fibre cable is not connected. The presence of an SFP module will prevent the copper ports from working, as the unit will assume that it is the connection that you wish to use. If you want to switch between the copper and fibre ports, reboot the ALIF4021 after changing the cables to redetect the network connection(s). If you have already added the ALIF4021 to an AIM Manager, you will need to delete it from the AIM before it will be recognised on the different port(s).

The Copper(s) port do not work

Make sure that you do not have an SFP module inserted into the ALIF4021. Even if a cable is not connected to the SFP, the presence of an SFP will mean that copper ports will not be used. Remove any SFP's and reboot the unit.


Why can I not raise the OSD?

Make sure that the keyboard and mouse are not connected to port 1 on the front of the receiver. The firmware does not monitor for keyboard or mouse activity on the high-speed USB port.

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