I'm unable to upgrade the ALIF3000

The ALIF3000 can only be upgraded via the AIM Manager. We are aware of any issue with AIM v4.11 and below where an upgrade will unexpectedly fail. Make sure that you have not set the AIM to Use SSL for its web interface, this is where you use https rather than http to access the AIM. The setting is found under Dashboard -> Settings -> Network -> Use SSL. If you have, temporary turn off the feature, upgrade the ALIF3000(s) and then turn it back on again afterwards.

Can I use the ALIF3000 without an AIM Manager?

No, it must be configured and controlled by an AIM, as it manages the RDP connections. There is no manual configuration available on its web interface unlike the other Infinity models.

Page last modified on Tuesday December 1, 2020 14:01:15 GMT-0000