ALIF: ALIF3000 - How to create an RDP Session


This guide will take you through the steps required to configure an RDP session on the AIM Manager. The sets up the scenario in the diagram below, where the ALIF3000 is connected to two separate networks, Infinity and Corporate. The Infinity network will give it access to hosts that are connected with ALIF transmitters and the Corporate network where the virtual machines running RDP hosts reside.

ALIF3000   Example


  • The AIM Manager is running firmware version 4.11 or above.
  • The ALIF3000 is connected to the networks and is recognised by the AIM Manager.


  • On the AIM Managers network interface, navigate to the Transmitters page.
  • At the top of the page, click on the Add VDI


  • The VDI Type will default to RDP.
  • Enter the RDP Name for the host.
  • Enter the IP Address or the DNS hostname for the RDP host.
  • Enter the Domain if the RDP Host is part of a Windows domain. If not, leave it blank.
  • Change the RDP port number if you are not using the default 3389 port.
  • Press Save.
  • This will automatically generate a channel for the transmitter that is based on the Transmitters name, in this instance Channel My Workstation.


  • By default, the Channel will have no User or User Group access assigned.
  • Open the Channel and add the Users who will need access to it on the OSD.


  • On the ALIF3000 itself, open the OSD (default CTRL+ALT+C) and log in as a user who has access to the newly created RDP Channel.


  • You should now see the RDP Channel displayed on the OSD or amongst the pages of other Channels and presets.
  • An RDP Channel only has two icons, unlike the other Channels for the Infinity Transmitters.

    ALIF RDP Credentials - For entering the login credentials for the RDP session.
    ALIF RDP PadlockPNG - To make a private connection to the RDP host.

  • Click on ALIF RDP Credentials first to enter the user credentials:


  • Enter the Username and Password required to access the RDP host.
  • Press Save
  • Now click on ALIF RDP PadlockPNG to start the RDP session.

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