ALIF: ALIF2112T - VNC 24bit Colour depth

For full 24bit Colour depth support, you must use a newer VNC Viewer than the version that is downloadable from the ALIF2112T itself.

  • Download a new version of the VNC Viewer, tested with v6.17.731.
  • Run the VNC Viewer and connect to the ALIF2112T host.
  • From the Controls menu at the top of the VNC Viewer window, choose Video Settings.
  • Make sure that Default Video Depth is set to 24. Press Save.

    Infinity ALIF2112T Colour Depth

  • Press F8 to open the VNC menu and choose Properties.
  • At the top of the Properties window, choose the Expert.
  • In the list of options set the following:-
    • ColorLevel: rgb888
    • PreferredEncoding: TRLE
    • Quality: Custom
  • Press OK to close the window.
  • Now disconnect and reconnect to the ALIF2112T.
  • You should now get 24bit Colour depth.

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