ALIF: AIM Getting a Debug File


This feature is only available from an AIM running version 4.7 and above. The debug log file that you download from the AIM cannot be opened.

Upon request from a member of the Adder Support team, you may be asked to retrieve a debug log to help diagnose a problem that you may be experiencing.

Setting the Debug level

The AIM has different internal logging levels. To capture an event in more detail, the logging level should be changed.

  • Login into the AIM's web interface.
  • Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> General
  • Change the Debug Level from Normal to Full.

    AIM Debug   Set DebugLevel

Capturing the Event

You will need to allow the AIM to capture some detailed logs. Depending on the issue, you may have to perform the action that is not working.

Download the Debug File

After the AIM has captured further details you will need to download the logs.

  • Navigate to Dashboard -> Backups
  • In the Download Debug File section at the end, click on Download.

    AIM Debug   DownloadFile

  • After you have downloaded the file, set the debug level back to Normal.

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