ALIF: AIM Controller - Exporting Serial Numbers

From around mid-2016, we started storing the serial number of the endpoint (TX or RX) on the flash memory in production. This can be read back using the AIM's API.


  • Download the AIM Controller application.
  • Enter the IP Address of the AIM and an Administrators username and password used to log into the AIM’s web interface. Press Connect.

    Infinity AIMAPIExport1

  • When it has successfully connected, you will see the communication between the application and AIM under the Log tab.

    Infinity AIMAPIExport2

  • Check both the Receiver and Transmitter tabs to make sure that the endpoints are listed.

    Infinity AIMAPIExport3

  • Go to the File menu, and choose Export to CSV.

    Infinity AIMAPIExport4

  • In the Export to CSV dialog window, check that the Information to Export type is set to Devices.
  • In the Choose Properties section, select SerialNumber, Variantand Type from the Available Properties list so they are shown in the Include in Export list.

    Infinity AIMAPIExport5

  • Press Export to open a Save CSV File browser and choose an appropriate filename and location where to save the CSV. Press Save. The CSV file can be opened on Microsoft Excel if you wish to view it.

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