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CCS-PRO: f/w 2.03.6566
This firmware release resolves the following issues:
-Moving the mouse quickly between screens could cause the clicks to function on the previous host.
-Implemented switches hotkey functionality th
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CCS-PRO: f/w 2.04.7267
This update contains the following:-
- Added the ability for the CCS-XB LED's to work in non-Free-Flow mode.
- Fixed an issue where the LED brightness level was not maintained if you reconnected the
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CCS-PRO: f/w v2.01.5444
An intermittent loss of USB and a reboot has been observed when moving the Free-Flow mouse rapidly to the left and right whilst the ALIF receivers are also doing their channel changes
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CCS-PRO: f/w v2.02.6174
This firmware release resolves the following issues:
- Stability when working with ALIF receivers.
- Resilience to the loss of the LED's when working with the CC-XB
- Change in behaviour of the net
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CCS-PRO: f/w v2.05.8619
__Changes since version v2.04__
*Improved reliability, where regularly exchanging keyboards and mice for hygiene reasons could cause the CCS-PRO to lock-up.
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CCS-PRO: f/w v2.10.8665
Changes since version v2.05
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CCS-PRO: Free-Flow Application v1.10
This update allows screen configurations where one screen can span across six.
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CCS-PRO: Windows 10 - Update Changes Absolute Mouse Support
The Free-Flow feature on CCS-PRO requires that the host operating system can support an absolute mouse. This is where the mouse tells the host computer where the pointer is on the screen.

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