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Includes DDX10 and DDX30
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DDX: f/w v3.02
New features and bug fixes.

Features include:-
- Reconnect console to the same source after a power cycle
- Change DHCP implementation for startup
- Touchscreen launch of OSD
- User configurab
DDX: f/w v3.03
Added support for Promess Touchscreens and USB Joysticks. Improved audio performance frequency response.
DDX: f/w v3.04
DDX: f/w v3.05
Fixed the following issues:-
*Sideways scroll doesn't work with Apple mouse with MacOS
*Unified Keyboard and Mouse not working

Added support for the new IPEPS+
DDX: f/w v3.06
Fixed the following issue:-
- When re-assigning ports and using the Preset function to store the connection state, it was possible on power on that the configuration appeared to have been lost or the
DDX: f/w v3.09
For DDX30 and DDX10

This firmware release adds the ability to disable the USB audio on the DDX-CAM modules.
DDX: f/w v3.10
For DDX30 and DDX10

This release fixes an issue where the DDX-CAM modules failed to upgrade when trying to upgrade to the previous firmware release (v3.09). Note: The switch will upgrade to v3.1