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XD642: Choosing the Dual Head Mode

This procedure covers Choosing the Dual Head Mode for XD642.

When the CATx link is used to connect the transmitter and receiver modules, the available bandwidth is reduced. On XD642 models, if dual high resolution video displays are used, you can determine how the available bandwidth is shared between them. Two modes are available:

Balanced mode - Shares the available video bandwidth equally between the two video displays, regardless of the EDIDs being reported by them, e.g. 1920x1200 each on video displays that would ordinarily request a native mode of 2560x1600.
Priority mode - The primary video port will take priority, allowing it to display resolutions up to 4K, as reported by its EDID. The remaining bandwidth will be assigned to the second video head.

To choose the dual head mode

1. Using your console keyboard attached to the receiver module, press (and release) the Ctrl key three times in quick succession (either of the keyboard’s Ctrl keys can be used). In response, the three keyboard indicators will all flash, once per second.

2. Press the numeric key located above the main section of the keyboard (not the numeric keypad) which represents the required mode:
• 6 for Balanced mode,
• 7 for Priority mode.

The current mode will be displayed on the Dashboard next to the link speed, eg BAL 5G, PRI 5G.


On XD642 models, dual video displays at 4K resolution are not possible using a CATx link - fiber must be used. However, dual WQXGA resolutions are possible using CATx.

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