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XD600: Transmission distances when using fiber

This page covers the transmission distances when using fiber on XD612, XD614, XD641, and XD642. 

The choice of fiber used with the ADDERLink XD modules has a considerable effect on the distance over which operation can take place. Using multi-mode fiber you can achieve distances up to 400m (1,312 feet); whereas, by using single-mode fiber (and accompanying SFP+ modules), the achievable maximum distance is increased to 4km (2.5miles):

DistanceFiber typeFiber color codeSFP+module
70mOM1 (TIA-492AAAA)OrangeSFP+-MM-LC-10G
150mOM2 (TIA-492AAAB)OrangeSFP+-MM-LC-10G
380mOM3 (TIA-492AAAC)AquaSFP+-MM-LC-10G
400mOM4 (TIA-492AAAC)AquaSFP+-MM-LC-10G
4kmOS1 (TIA-492C000)YellowSFP+-SM-LC-10G
 OS2 (TIA-492E000)YellowSFP+-SM-LC-10G


Although XD6XX extenders are not locked to specific SFPs, it is recommended that Adder supplied SFPs are used: (SFP+-MM-LC-10G or SFP+-SM-LC-10G) to maintain a high level of confidence in the fiber optic link.

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