IPEPS-PLUS: How to factory reset

To reset the AdderLink ipeps+ using the front panel recover button.

  • Connect the IPEPS+ to an HDMI monitor with a keyboard and mouse.
  • On the front panel, use a thin implement (such as a straightened out paper clip) to press the recessed button (located just below the ipeps+ logo) for around 12 seconds until the blue PWR indicator starts to flash. Once the button is released, the indicator will flash red to signify recovery mode is in progress. The Maintenance page will be displayed:

    IPEPS PLUS FactoryResetButton

  • Click the Reset Configuration option.

    IPEPS PLUS FactoryReset

  • Click the Reset button. It will now return you to the initial recovery mode page.

    IPEPS PLUS FactoryReset2

  • Wait for about 15-20 seconds, to allow the configuration to be cleared.
  • Click on Return to normal operation and the unit will reboot into a factory reset state.


When an AdderLink ipeps+ unit is put into recovery mode, if the Configure Network option is then used to change the IP address, this change will only apply whilst the unit remains in recovery mode. Once recovery mode is exited, the unit will revert to the previous IP address..

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