ALIF: Changing the AIM Manager from Solo to Primary


The AIM Manager can operate in a number of roles, these include being a Solo, Primary, Backup, or Satellite.

  • A Solo AIM is a single Manager that can not have a redundant Backup AIM but will otherwise Manage and control the ALIF transmitters and receivers. In this mode, if you connect another AIM to the same network, the additional AIM will not do anything and can not interact with the Solo AIM.
  • A Primary AIM is the one in control, it can have Backup and Satellite Managers connected for redundancy if the Primary is not available.
  • A Backup AIM is a redundant Manager that synchronises itself with the Primary. If the Primary AIM is no longer available, it will resume control of the transmitters and receivers.
  • A Satellite AIM is a Backup Manager, except that it resides on a different network subnet to the Primary.

Depending on the firmware version, you can typically see the role of the AIM Manager by looking at the footer of the AIM's web interface:-

AIM SoloFooter

Changing from Solo to Primary

To convert a Solo AIM to Primary use the following procedure:

  • Log in the AIM's web interface
  • Click on the Servers tab

    AIM SoloServersTab

  • Click on the configure this server link.
  • You can now change the AIM's role from Solo to Primary. Select Primary and press the Save button at the bottom of the page.

    AIM SoloChangeToPrimary

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