What is the difference between the ALIF2102 and ALIF2122?

Both the products are identical with the exception that the ALIF2102 has a copper and SFP network port, and the ALIF2122 has two SFP's ports.

What is the difference between an ALIF2000 and ALIF21XX?

Feature ALIF2000 ALIF2100
Video 2x DVI 2x Display Port (Receiver supports passive DP to HDMI/DVI cables - up to 1920x1200@60hz)
Audio 3.5mm Stereo Analogue 3.5mm Stereo Analogue*
DisplayPort Audio (2-Channel)*
USB Audio (2-Channel)
Network Ports 1x SFP, 1x Copper ALIF2102 - 1x SFP, 1x Copper
ALIF2122 - 2x SFP
Mini-Matrix Support No Yes
Serail RS232 Built-in Req's USB to Serial Converters
Power Supply 5VDC 4A 12VDC 5A
Rack Mount (1U) 1x Unit with brackets (RMK4S)
OR 2x Units with brackets (RMK4D)
3x ALIF2100 Transmitters on Rack Tray (RMK17)
2x ALIF2100 Receivers on Rack tray (RMK15)

* Future firmware update

How do I grab the diagnostic information?

You can find a detailed explanation on the ALIF2100s diagnostics on our wiki page here..

What is the maximum resolution if using DP++ on the Receiver?

The maximum resolution is 1920x1200@60hz. To achieve 2650x1600 you wil need an active video converter.

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