ALIF: AIM Export User Configuration


The Export User Configuration feature allows you to extract all the Settings, Channels, Receivers and Transmitters configuration from the database in XML format from the AIM Manager. The purpose of which is to be able to track/audit changes made between two given periods. This feature was added in AIM firmware v5.2.

Exporting the Configuration

  • Open the AIM's web interface and log in as an Admin user.
  • Navigate to Dashboard -> Backups
  • Scroll down the page to the Export User Configuration section.
  • Click on the Download Latest button.

    Export User Configuration1

  • This will create and download a gzip file containing an XML file with the AIM Settings. You will need an application that can decompress gzip files.
  • If you refresh the web page, a copy of the configuration is stored locally.

    Export User Configuration2

Comparing Configurations

In order to see the configuration changes, you need to:-

  • Have a copy of a previously exported User Configuration. The XML file needs to be extracted from the file and loaded into a text editor.
  • Download the latest User Configuration from the AIM (see Exporting the Configuration section above). This is to generate a snapshot of the current state, so it is shown in the Available configurations drop-down list.
  • Select the latest configuration from the Avaliable configurations.
  • Click on the Compare Configurations button.

    Export User Configuration3

  • The left panel will show the XML output of the chosen configuration.
  • Copy the XML text from the text editor which contains the output from the previously exported configuration, and paste it into the User Input window on the right.

    Export User Configuration4

  • On the right-hand edge of the User Input panel, differences between the configurations are shown in coloured bands. Scroll up and down the list to find all the changes.

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