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ALIF: ALIF3000 - Upgrade Issue
The ALIF3000 can only be upgraded via the AIM Manager. We are aware of any issue with AIM v4.11 and below where an upgrade will unexpectedly fail. Make sure that you have not set the AIM to __Use SSL_
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ALIF: ALIF3000 f/w 1.01
Changes since 1.0.1:
*Added Microphone support for RDP
*Added feature to make the banner movable to 6 positions
*Backup firmware version was not reported to AIM.
*Audio volume was not set correctl
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ALIF: ALIF3000 f/w 1.1.0
This update requires that the AIM Manager is running v4.12 or above.

__New Features__
*The 3rd copper network interface can be Static or allocated DHCP. This is set via the AIM
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ALIF3000 f/w
__Changes since v1,1__
*Added new VDI Viewers, VNC, HTML and Terminal (SSH)
*ALIF1000/2000 range of products including support for CSS-PRO units, USB mass storage devices and many more NON HID devic
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