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XDIP f/w v1.04
__Changes since 1.03__
This release does not contain any fixes, just support for a newer flash memory chip.
article XDIP
XDIP f/w v1.05
Changes since f/w: 1.04
*Extended size of matrix.
**Each Receiver can now connect to a maximum number of 16 transmitter units
**Each Transmitter unit can now be connected to 256 receiver units
article XDIP
XDIP f/w v1.07
Fixes since f/w: 1.06
*You can now enable "Remote Control” or change the ”Static IP address” configuration settings. The changes could not be saved on the v1.06 firmware.
article XDIP
XDIP: f/w v1.03
Fixed the following issues:
USB Mouse intermittently not working on some hosts after a reboot.
Video distortion at 1920x1200@50hz
article XDIP
XDIP: f/w v1.06
Fixes since f/w: 1.05
*Remote OSD and API access was possible after upgrade or factory reset
*Viewsonic TD2230 multi touch did not work
*Could not re-order second page of channels in OSD
article XDIP
ALIF: ALIF100T-DV & ALIF100T-DP f/w 4.07.7
Bug Fixes:
- Maximum bandwidth was limited to 750Mb/s now changed to 950Mb/s.
- Protection against malformed multicast packets
- Multicast traffic inbound filter
- Memory leak when Statistics tu
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ALIF: ALIF100T-VGA f/w 4.08.01
__Added Custom Mode timings__
Analogue video has many different resolutions and timings to have an exhaustive list of supported EDID. Also many modes can be close to other modes making it difficult t
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ALIF: ALIF3000 - Upgrade Issue
The ALIF3000 can only be upgraded via the AIM Manager. We are aware of any issue with AIM v4.11 and below where an upgrade will unexpectedly fail. Make sure that you have not set the AIM to __Use SSL_
article ALIF3000
ALIF: ALIF3000 f/w 1.01
Changes since 1.0.1:
*Added Microphone support for RDP
*Added feature to make the banner movable to 6 positions
*Backup firmware version was not reported to AIM.
*Audio volume was not set correctl
article ALIF3000
ALIF: ALIF3000 f/w 1.1.0
This update requires that the AIM Manager is running v4.12 or above.

__New Features__
*The 3rd copper network interface can be Static or allocated DHCP. This is set via the AIM
article ALIF3000
ALIF: ALIF4001 & ALIF4021 f/w 5.05
Changes since 4.02 f/w:
article ALIF4000
ALIF: ALIF4021 f/w 1.01
Changes since 1.0 f/w:
- Fixed: Updating of the UI Settings failed, triggering a RETRY and CONFLICT before updating
- Fixed: USB not functional when ALIF4000 RX is connected to ALIF TX (ALIF1002, AL
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ALIF: ALIF4021 f/w 4.01
Changes since 3.01 f/w:
*Added a workaround for an error in the EDID of a LG Ultrawide 38UC99 monitor (3840 x 1660) which did not display video unless active sync is enabled.
*Rebooting the AIM Mana
article ALIF4000
ALIF: ALIF4021: f/w 3.01
Changes since 3.01 f/w:
*Extended channel hotkeys (0-99). Requires AIM version v4.11.45021
*Support for Channel Banner positioning from AIM.
*Device status for the DP Audio and Transparent USB co
article ALIF4000
ALIF: ALIF4021:f/w 2.02
Changes since 1.1 f/w:

__New Feature:__
*Transparent USB2.0 High-speed link The ALIF4000 contains hardware that allows a full 480Mbps USB2.0 high-speed point to point link to be formed. In this V2
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ALIF: ALIF4021:f/w 3.00
Changes since 1.1 f/w:

__New Feature:__
*Support for 5k resolutions, including
**5120 x 2880@30hz
**5120 x 2160@30hz
**5120 x 1440@60hz
*High Frame Rate Support. Up to 240Hz (1920x1080)
article ALIF4000
ALIF: Cisco Network Switch configuration
We have had some instances where endpoints were not being seen properly by AIM when using a Cisco 3850 switch. Upon investigation, it was discovered that if the interfaces are left as default (i.e. no
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ALIF: Endpoint f/w v4.6.41576
Fixes two issues from 4.5; losing USB with certain HP machines on reboot and having two transmitters video pointing to one receiver.
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ALIF: Endpoints f/w v4.6.42069
Fixes an intermittent loss of USB, particularly when used in conjunction with a CCS-PRO. Requires CCS-PRO firmware upgrade.
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ALIF: Endpoints f/w v4.9.44052
V4.9 is a maintenance release which has addressed issues with the OSD (On screen display) and USB support of newer devices.
One new feature is the ability to stack the dual screen view via VNC on the
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