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Title Topic Publish Date
ALIF: AIM - Backup AIM not adding to the Primary when using HTTPS Known Issue 20-07-2018
ALIF: AIM - Web browser compatibility Known Issue 15-07-2018
XDIP: f/w v1.03 Firmware Release 05-07-2018
AV4PRO: Cascading to other AV4PRO's Information 02-07-2018
DDX: f/w v3.03 Firmware Release 02-05-2018
CCS-PRO: f/w v2.01.5444 Firmware Release 11-04-2018
ALIF: Endpoints f/w v4.6.42069 Firmware Release 11-04-2018
ALIF: AIM f/w v4.7.42108 Firmware Release 27-03-2018
ALIF: AIM f/w v3.5.42099 - Critical Update Firmware Release 02-03-2018
ALIF: AIM - Using the 192.168.1.x network range. Information 01-02-2018
AV4PRO: f/w v2.09 Firmware Release 16-11-2017
DDX: f/w v3.02 Firmware Release 02-11-2017
ALIF: Endpoint f/w v4.6.41576 Firmware Release 16-09-2017
ALIF: AIM - Event and Connection Log archives - Not kept after upgrade Information 22-08-2017
CCS PRO: f/w v2.0.4728 - Mouse Wheel problem Known Issue 22-08-2017