ALIF: Default IP Addresses

Receiver and Transmitter

Infinity EndpointDirectConnect6
A new or factory reset endpoint are automatically assigned one of the following default IP addresses.

Model System Port SFP Port Management Port*

* ALIF100T, ALIF1000 and ALIF1002 models do not have management ports.

AIM Manager

Infinity AIM2
A new or factory reset AIM is assigned the following default IP address.

AIM Server:

After AIM's IP address is configured

Once an AIM controller's network settings have configured, in addition to the IP address that has been assign, an AIM will be available on the following link-local address(s). This is useful to know if you have forgotten which IP address you assigned to it.


Backup(s):  From onwards, e.g. 6, 8, 10, 12, etc depending on how many you have.

The transmitters and receivers that are under AIM's control will automatically be assigned an IP address from the IP Pool address range.

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